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Hello no-one

I thought I needed to write down what I thought about my new toy.  The whole iphone thing passed me by and I couldn’t understand the whole fuss about it, then Google announced the Android project and that got my interest.

So after waiting for my current contract to run out I was open to select a new phone and after looking I decided on the HTC Desire.  Sure it has its faults (battery life/small internal memory) but nothing I figured I couldn’t work around.

Well I have now had it for about a month and I am constantly installing, trying new apps and uninstalling them.  I thought this would be a good way for me to keep track of what I have tried and what I find to be any good.  I also thought that maybe someone else out there, who is new to Android, would find this useful.

So here is a list of what I currently use as opposed to what I have installed.  So from the top :-

3g Watchdog – Useful for keeping track of monthly data allowancem, I am too cheap to go over it.
Acast – Good free Podcast software, recently regreshed UI really improved this.
Angry Birds – Wish I never installed it, can’t keep my son off it.
Apps Organiser – Great for putting folders of shortcuts right on my home screen.  I am too lazy to go browsing
c:geo – Nice free Geocache software, really shows my sad and geeky side.
Juiceplotter – Good for estimating battery life remaining, it shows that I should put it down and stop playing.
Newsrob – Very good newsreader for RSS links.
my6sense – Even better Newsreader and slowly replacing Newsrob for me, it rates what you read and displays what it thinmks you would like.  Seems pretty good.
Substrate – Current live wallpaper (becasue they aren’t too battery hungry and they make the phone look cool)
Asteroid Belt Free – Another free wallpaper with floaty space stuff in it.
Tasker – My only bought app – find this very good for automating functions for when I am at work or if I am sleeping.
Jorte – Replaced my standard Sense calendar with this as the calendar widget displays what I have on that day as opposed to just a reminder that something is there.

I will try to write further articles, maybe comment on Android news stories and maybe at some point I might even try to write App reviews.  I will be writing to slag off 3uk if I don’t get Froyo at the end of this month, they only have a few days left to get it out.

So until next time, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


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3 responses to “My Android Adventure, an intro

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  1. Steve – Great article, some good content….don’t get me on about the Iphone4..though…I’m very happy with my Samsug Galaxy S.

  2. Excellent – 3g Watchdog, Juiceplotter, Jorte
    Uninstalled – Angry Birds, Apps Organiser, Newsrob, Substrate, Asteroid belt
    Reserving Judgement – Acast, c:geo, my6sense
    Did not install – Tasker

  3. Can recommend these:
    Taskos – Task list
    My fitness – tracker for what you eat and fitness etc.
    Bump – Passing Photos, contacts etc to other peoples phones and vv…just bump together.
    Anti Virus – does what it says on the tin.
    DailyHoroscope –

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