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Hello no-one

Well I had real squeaky bum moment tonight when I decided to Root my phone and then to install a Custom Rom or possibly just a RUU of 2.2.  It took a few attmepts to Root the phone but done and Clockwork Mod installed in the Bootloader with little or no scary events.

I then installed Rom Manager and thought it would be a really good idea to do a backup of my Rom before I install anything else.  So I set it going and all looked good and it told me that my Backup had completed, all hunky dory.

My phone rebooted and then started to loop on the HTC flash screen, this is the point where my cheeks started to pinch.
I tried removing battery and rebooting and same thing.
I tried removing battery and removed the memory card and rebooted, same again.
At this point my heart was beating in my chest and the pinching had reached dramatic levels.

So how about restoring the image I had just taken?  I did it and as mad as it seems it worked and my phone booted correctly and seems to be booting fine now.

So for now I am leaving the phone alone now as I really do not want to go through that again tonight, but hey maybe tomorrow I will feel better about it and have another go.

So that’s all for my ongoing adventure for today, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


Posted September 28, 2010 by myandroidadventure in Android, Articles, News

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