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Hello no-one

So here I sit on a cold and wet very Wintery morning, alongside me sits a Desire with no Froyo (Android 2.2). We were told by 3 that the update would be out at the end of the Summer, well believe me when I look out of my window Summer has well and truly ended.   The official Froyo for the Desire was released about 2 months ago but as I have a branded phone sitting on the desk next to me I have to wait until 3 decide to release their version.

  • I believe the process for release goes something like the below.
  • Google put out Android  2.2 in June this year, those brave enough flashed their phones straight to it.
  • HTC messed about with it to add their Sense UI (which I love) and they released that at the beginning of August, so all those fortunate enough to have non branded phones got the release and can use it on 3’s network.
  • However 3 are not happy to just push the release to those of us with Branded handsets, oh no they aren’t happy until they put all their crap into the release.  They claim it won’t be bloatware but surely adding a 3 logo boot screen and a few bookmarks does not take this long or this much testing.
  • Then it must go back to Google to stamp their approval on it.
  • Then we can have it.

Reading through the 3 blog they also found a fault in the Twitter client, I take it they mean Peep.  I can’t remember there being a problem with Twitter for anyone else who got this update, well not until 3 started messing around with it.

Anyway it was a bit ranty but I do feel better now.  I really know I should wait but hey HTC Sense Froyo is easy to come by and so easy to install I might be tempted.  Just a little but scared about bricking my phone (and my pants) if anything were to go wrong.  So in the future I will know to avoid Network branded phones unless I invest in some more patience which I just don’t have.

Enjoy the day, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


Posted October 1, 2010 by myandroidadventure in Android, Articles, News

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