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Hello no-one

I signed up to Twitter years ago (stephen_l_brown check it out, 2 followers or 2 following), realised nobody I knew used it and promptly stopped tweeting on there.  I think I now know what the problem with Twitter was or at least the problem I had with Twitter was.  Twitter is a social network but it seems to be more of a shared interest social network as opposed to a mates you know social network which is Facebook.

Since signing up with my new ID (droidadventure) and new Interest (Android phones) Twitter has taken on a whole new meaning for me and I hate to skip updates but it is impractical to try to read the 300+ updates you miss when doing something more important like sleeping.

So how does this tie into “My Android Adventure”?  Well I will tell you, there are more Twitter apps on Android than you can shake an excrement smeared stick at.  I tried a few and found a favourite, I tried Tweetdeck, Touiteur, Twidroyd, Twicca and the official Twitter app.  Even though I occasionally still wander off onto other clients I keep returning to Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck just seems to work and does all the things I think a Twitter app should do.  It lets me know when there are updates (generally or @ me personally) to be read.  It presents a nice clean uncluttered interface but while keeping the necessary buttons handy for Tweeting, checking out friends, adding more columns and the not so useful where am I button (I don’t get this one as it is included on the Tweet screen).  On clicking a tweet it gives the usual reply, retweet, star (no idea what this does) and some more lesser used options (well, lesser used by me, like reply to all).  I also like the Tweetdeck app for Windows which is very similar to the Android app but wider (I know it sounds stupid but it just is) once again uncluttered and well laid out.

Does Tweetdeck do everything I would like?  To be honest no it doesn’t which is why I sometimes find myself switching to Twidroyd.  The one thing  I like about Twidroyd is the link preview function when you are using it in landscape mode.  If Tweetdeck could incorporate that one function it would be my ideal Twitter client.  I am sure that there are functions in other Twitter clients which I don’t even know about and some people find them indispensible but for now Tweetdeck does it for me.

So twitter away you mad tweeters and I will try to keep up, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


Posted October 30, 2010 by myandroidadventure in Android, Articles

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