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Hello No-one

Well it’s been over a month since my last blog entry and even though it’s 4am now seems as good a time as any to catch up.

I have done much and learned a lot since my last blog entry.  3 did eventually release Froyo but there is no way I would ever go back to a Stock Rom unless my phone needed to go in for repairs.  My phone is now rooted once again using unrevoked, this really is too easy although it always seems to need to be done twice.  My Desire is running Cyanogenmod 6.1 RC1, although this is a release client it works perfectly for me.  The difference in speed and battery life is immense when compared to Stock Sense.  I need to move to RC2 but that is for another day.

Internal memory still sucks even with Froyo apps2sd so something had to tbe done.  I went down the route of setting up my memory card as a part of internal memory.  I partitioned the memory card with a 512mb ext3 partition and using darktremors a2sd to move my applications and the cache over to the partition.  I have not noticed any noticeable difference when running apps from the SD card.  It also has the advantage of having Widgets on the SD card and I dont lose some apps just because I mount the Fat32 area of the card.

I have tried and discarded multiple apps and still find it hard to pry my phone from my Angry Birds playing son but I am still loving the Android Experience and I think come Xmas we will be a 2 Android phone family as I think my wife would like one.

So really that’s all for now, I will update when I have more to say.  So for the now, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


Posted December 4, 2010 by myandroidadventure in Android, Articles, News

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