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Hello no-one

I have been with 3uk forever and for the most part I have never had an issue with their network but  around about the beginning of December I noticed that my phone signal became almost none existent when I was at home.  I figured it was to do with the bad weather and the fact that the whole country was covered in several feet of snow and I never even thought to ring 3 to complain about it.   When it continued up until Xmas day it was really starting to take the piss.  So I rang 3 and was told that they were currently working on my local antenna and it would be sorted in a few days time.  Well those few days passed and the poor signal remained, so I called them again.  This time I was told that this was due to the now repaired antenna coming back on line and it could take a few days to be fully functioning.  I know it was bollocks to get me off the phone but I couldn’t be bothered to argue.

So I then called again on New Years day, yes I was that pissed off that I called them on New Years Day.  I was told it would be passed to second line to investigate.

To give you an idea of how bad the signal was and for those that know, it was showing as -112dbm and 0asu, so pretty much non-existent.

At about this time I started to investigate the issue myself, surely it couldn’t just be me who had lost their signal and I started to turn up articles about how 3uk had decided that their 3g network was robust enough in certain areas that it no longer needed to piggy back on Oranges 2g signal. So I asked 3 about this and they admitted that they had switched mine off in November, if I had not asked they would never have freely given out this information.

So today when I got up I noticed that the signal has improved, it’s still poor but at least now I get a connection and data is flowing freely again.  I am sure they will be ringing me later in the week to tell me how good they are.

I don’t suppose anyone will ever see this article but I thought I would put the information out there for anyone in the same situation.

Screw you 3 and your weak ass excuses, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


Posted January 14, 2011 by myandroidadventure in Android, Articles, News

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