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Just to be clear before I get going, running is not one of my favourite exercises and exercising is not one of my favourite things to do.  However running burns calories and keeps my heart pumping.   So, that said, I have been looking for an app that would record my efforts and store them somewhere easy to access and give me meaningful feedback.  I have been using HandyRunner for a few months now and it has performed well but I needed/wanted something more.

So after a search through the market for running apps and apps associated with running apps I found RunKeeper.  It does the same job as HandyRunner but it does the thing I really wanted, that was to tell my how far I have gone and how long I have been going while on the move.  The reason I needed/wanted this feature was because I don’t usually plan out my routes I just tend to just pull on my running shoes and head out.  I always found it a pain, while on the move, to pull out my phone, unlock it and check my progress.  With RunKeeper I no longer need to do this as it will keep me updated at intervals of my choosing, this could be either time, distance or both.  So enough background, lets take a  look at the actual app before you grow tired of the waffle and move onto a different review.

So you open the app and this is your initial view, the interface is sparse and simple but perfect for the job.  You pick your Input Type either GPS or Manual.  If you pick GPS you then pick from a long list of Activities if running isn’t what you want.  So you go out and once you have picked up a GPS signal all you have to do is press start and away you go, just remember to press stop once your done.

If you select Manual you will be presented with more options which allow you to enter a wide range of exercise options.  I used this option to enter the runs I had previously stored in HandyRunner.

RunKeeper gives you a long list of activity types to choose from but after looking at the list most of them I will never ever use.  What I would love to see is someone using GPS while Swimming.

This is a list of all my sporting exploits, these will be found under the Activities Tab.  Each entry then can be expanded upon as per the below 2 captures.

The first gives you times, distances, pace and average speed.  The graph shows you your pace through the run.

Clicking on the map on the previous screen not surprisingly brings up the map of the route you have run.

Final thing I want to mention in the app is the settings tab.  Here you can enter the details of your online account with RunKeeper (did I not mention you need to set this up first?).  In here you will also find the thing that I find most useful, the Audio Cues. The audio cues also tell you your average pace so you know if you’re going to fast or not fast enough.  You can pick if you want to display Miles or Kilometres, I usually prefer kilometres as they are shorter and it looks like you have done more.  You can also select if you want to post your daring do’s to Twitter and Facebook.

So once you are done and your data has been uploaded to the RunKeeper website you can head over there and check out a whole load more stats than I know what to do with.  Once you have added your Facebook account it will go and search your contacts for other sporty types you know and add them to your team.

This is the best GPS running app I have found and I think I will be using it for quite some time.  If you run and you would like to know how well or how badly you do RunKeeper is just what you need.

So time for a run, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


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