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Blogging from my phone   1 comment


So I found this rather handy app called wordpress and guess what I can use it to update my wordpress blog. It’s a revelation, now I can very slowly push out a post from wherever I am and whenever I want, which looking at the frequency of my posts isn’t very often.

I can add a photo but not sure where it is going to appear but I will find out once this is posted.

I think this is going to be my shortest post do date but hopefully I can push my post count up with this app.

Sat in the sun living my android adventure, ciao and peace out.



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Let’s switch off the 2G   Leave a comment

Hello no-one

I have been with 3uk forever and for the most part I have never had an issue with their network but  around about the beginning of December I noticed that my phone signal became almost none existent when I was at home.  I figured it was to do with the bad weather and the fact that the whole country was covered in several feet of snow and I never even thought to ring 3 to complain about it.   When it continued up until Xmas day it was really starting to take the piss.  So I rang 3 and was told that they were currently working on my local antenna and it would be sorted in a few days time.  Well those few days passed and the poor signal remained, so I called them again.  This time I was told that this was due to the now repaired antenna coming back on line and it could take a few days to be fully functioning.  I know it was bollocks to get me off the phone but I couldn’t be bothered to argue.

So I then called again on New Years day, yes I was that pissed off that I called them on New Years Day.  I was told it would be passed to second line to investigate.

To give you an idea of how bad the signal was and for those that know, it was showing as -112dbm and 0asu, so pretty much non-existent.

At about this time I started to investigate the issue myself, surely it couldn’t just be me who had lost their signal and I started to turn up articles about how 3uk had decided that their 3g network was robust enough in certain areas that it no longer needed to piggy back on Oranges 2g signal. So I asked 3 about this and they admitted that they had switched mine off in November, if I had not asked they would never have freely given out this information.

So today when I got up I noticed that the signal has improved, it’s still poor but at least now I get a connection and data is flowing freely again.  I am sure they will be ringing me later in the week to tell me how good they are.

I don’t suppose anyone will ever see this article but I thought I would put the information out there for anyone in the same situation.

Screw you 3 and your weak ass excuses, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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Where are we now…   Leave a comment

Hello No-one

Well it’s been over a month since my last blog entry and even though it’s 4am now seems as good a time as any to catch up.

I have done much and learned a lot since my last blog entry.  3 did eventually release Froyo but there is no way I would ever go back to a Stock Rom unless my phone needed to go in for repairs.  My phone is now rooted once again using unrevoked, this really is too easy although it always seems to need to be done twice.  My Desire is running Cyanogenmod 6.1 RC1, although this is a release client it works perfectly for me.  The difference in speed and battery life is immense when compared to Stock Sense.  I need to move to RC2 but that is for another day.

Internal memory still sucks even with Froyo apps2sd so something had to tbe done.  I went down the route of setting up my memory card as a part of internal memory.  I partitioned the memory card with a 512mb ext3 partition and using darktremors a2sd to move my applications and the cache over to the partition.  I have not noticed any noticeable difference when running apps from the SD card.  It also has the advantage of having Widgets on the SD card and I dont lose some apps just because I mount the Fat32 area of the card.

I have tried and discarded multiple apps and still find it hard to pry my phone from my Angry Birds playing son but I am still loving the Android Experience and I think come Xmas we will be a 2 Android phone family as I think my wife would like one.

So really that’s all for now, I will update when I have more to say.  So for the now, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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Twitter…social networking but not as I knew it.   Leave a comment

Hello no-one

I signed up to Twitter years ago (stephen_l_brown check it out, 2 followers or 2 following), realised nobody I knew used it and promptly stopped tweeting on there.  I think I now know what the problem with Twitter was or at least the problem I had with Twitter was.  Twitter is a social network but it seems to be more of a shared interest social network as opposed to a mates you know social network which is Facebook.

Since signing up with my new ID (droidadventure) and new Interest (Android phones) Twitter has taken on a whole new meaning for me and I hate to skip updates but it is impractical to try to read the 300+ updates you miss when doing something more important like sleeping.

So how does this tie into “My Android Adventure”?  Well I will tell you, there are more Twitter apps on Android than you can shake an excrement smeared stick at.  I tried a few and found a favourite, I tried Tweetdeck, Touiteur, Twidroyd, Twicca and the official Twitter app.  Even though I occasionally still wander off onto other clients I keep returning to Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck just seems to work and does all the things I think a Twitter app should do.  It lets me know when there are updates (generally or @ me personally) to be read.  It presents a nice clean uncluttered interface but while keeping the necessary buttons handy for Tweeting, checking out friends, adding more columns and the not so useful where am I button (I don’t get this one as it is included on the Tweet screen).  On clicking a tweet it gives the usual reply, retweet, star (no idea what this does) and some more lesser used options (well, lesser used by me, like reply to all).  I also like the Tweetdeck app for Windows which is very similar to the Android app but wider (I know it sounds stupid but it just is) once again uncluttered and well laid out.

Does Tweetdeck do everything I would like?  To be honest no it doesn’t which is why I sometimes find myself switching to Twidroyd.  The one thing  I like about Twidroyd is the link preview function when you are using it in landscape mode.  If Tweetdeck could incorporate that one function it would be my ideal Twitter client.  I am sure that there are functions in other Twitter clients which I don’t even know about and some people find them indispensible but for now Tweetdeck does it for me.

So twitter away you mad tweeters and I will try to keep up, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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3uk you made me wait too long   Leave a comment

Hello No-one

So there I was waiting for 3 to finally roll out Froyo (Android 2.2) for my shiny nearly new HTC Desire and I suddenly thought “Stuff it” I have waited long enough.  I am sick and tired of 3 promising things that just never appear.  It was supposed to come out a few weeks after the HTC release and then it was going to be the end of September and that date is well and truly passed and then it was going to be 2 more weeks while Google put it on their servers.

Well enough was enough, that was all I could stand and I couldn’t stands no more, it was time to take the plunge.  I had been reading about various methods of getting Froyo, from Rooting and flashing a custom ROM to just installing stock HTC Sense.  Well in the end the stock Sense won out as it does all I really want my phone to do for now.  Maybe another day I will grow bored with it and I will need more functionality or speed that a custom ROM promises to deliver but for now I just wanted a phone that I could push some APPS onto my SD card and would be groovy and turn both ways in landscape mode.

So after downloading and installing the necessary HTC Sync of my PC I downloaded a file called :-RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.09.405.8_Radio_32.43.00.32U_5.09.00.20_release_140022_signed

The above file is all I needed to turn my phone from a bloaty 3 branded phone into the sleek none 3 branded phone I own today.  So there I was my phone USB’s to the PC and the my finger ready for some double clicking and single clicking of next buttons and to be honest I was real nervous.  I lost count of the number of times that I almost installed the RUU (Rom update utility) but didn’t.

But then I took the plunge and finally clicked the final OK button on the above piece of software and my phone was already being wiped.  I maybe should have thought more about the things I was going to lose through doing this but it was nothing I couldn’t get back, Podcast subscriptions and such.  In less than 10 minutes it was done and my phone rebooted not with a 3 splash screen but with an HTC splash screen.  My gold card had worked (did I not mention gold card creation, oh well I made one).  Went through the normal new phone routine and all my contacts came back, Facebook repopulated and calls and texts all worked, it was a joy.  Software re-installed from App Brain and I was good to go.

Now that I have Froyo I have found my phone to be quicker, I have more internal memory thanks to the ability to push stuff onto my SD card and my battery seems to last a whole lot longer too.

So for those of you out there who are sitting on the fence and waiting for your providers to help you with update, I say go update yourselves.   Obviously after reading into the matter more thoroughly that I have outlined above.

The author is not responsible for what you do with your phone so don’t come blaming me when you break it.

So go have fun with your Android, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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3UK, whrere is my Froyo   Leave a comment

Hello no-one

So here I sit on a cold and wet very Wintery morning, alongside me sits a Desire with no Froyo (Android 2.2). We were told by 3 that the update would be out at the end of the Summer, well believe me when I look out of my window Summer has well and truly ended.   The official Froyo for the Desire was released about 2 months ago but as I have a branded phone sitting on the desk next to me I have to wait until 3 decide to release their version.

  • I believe the process for release goes something like the below.
  • Google put out Android  2.2 in June this year, those brave enough flashed their phones straight to it.
  • HTC messed about with it to add their Sense UI (which I love) and they released that at the beginning of August, so all those fortunate enough to have non branded phones got the release and can use it on 3’s network.
  • However 3 are not happy to just push the release to those of us with Branded handsets, oh no they aren’t happy until they put all their crap into the release.  They claim it won’t be bloatware but surely adding a 3 logo boot screen and a few bookmarks does not take this long or this much testing.
  • Then it must go back to Google to stamp their approval on it.
  • Then we can have it.

Reading through the 3 blog they also found a fault in the Twitter client, I take it they mean Peep.  I can’t remember there being a problem with Twitter for anyone else who got this update, well not until 3 started messing around with it.

Anyway it was a bit ranty but I do feel better now.  I really know I should wait but hey HTC Sense Froyo is easy to come by and so easy to install I might be tempted.  Just a little but scared about bricking my phone (and my pants) if anything were to go wrong.  So in the future I will know to avoid Network branded phones unless I invest in some more patience which I just don’t have.

Enjoy the day, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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A scary Android moment   Leave a comment

Hello no-one

Well I had real squeaky bum moment tonight when I decided to Root my phone and then to install a Custom Rom or possibly just a RUU of 2.2.  It took a few attmepts to Root the phone but done and Clockwork Mod installed in the Bootloader with little or no scary events.

I then installed Rom Manager and thought it would be a really good idea to do a backup of my Rom before I install anything else.  So I set it going and all looked good and it told me that my Backup had completed, all hunky dory.

My phone rebooted and then started to loop on the HTC flash screen, this is the point where my cheeks started to pinch.
I tried removing battery and rebooting and same thing.
I tried removing battery and removed the memory card and rebooted, same again.
At this point my heart was beating in my chest and the pinching had reached dramatic levels.

So how about restoring the image I had just taken?  I did it and as mad as it seems it worked and my phone booted correctly and seems to be booting fine now.

So for now I am leaving the phone alone now as I really do not want to go through that again tonight, but hey maybe tomorrow I will feel better about it and have another go.

So that’s all for my ongoing adventure for today, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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