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Hello no-one

So here I sit on a cold and wet very Wintery morning, alongside me sits a Desire with no Froyo (Android 2.2). We were told by 3 that the update would be out at the end of the Summer, well believe me when I look out of my window Summer has well and truly ended.   The official Froyo for the Desire was released about 2 months ago but as I have a branded phone sitting on the desk next to me I have to wait until 3 decide to release their version.

  • I believe the process for release goes something like the below.
  • Google put out Android  2.2 in June this year, those brave enough flashed their phones straight to it.
  • HTC messed about with it to add their Sense UI (which I love) and they released that at the beginning of August, so all those fortunate enough to have non branded phones got the release and can use it on 3’s network.
  • However 3 are not happy to just push the release to those of us with Branded handsets, oh no they aren’t happy until they put all their crap into the release.  They claim it won’t be bloatware but surely adding a 3 logo boot screen and a few bookmarks does not take this long or this much testing.
  • Then it must go back to Google to stamp their approval on it.
  • Then we can have it.

Reading through the 3 blog they also found a fault in the Twitter client, I take it they mean Peep.  I can’t remember there being a problem with Twitter for anyone else who got this update, well not until 3 started messing around with it.

Anyway it was a bit ranty but I do feel better now.  I really know I should wait but hey HTC Sense Froyo is easy to come by and so easy to install I might be tempted.  Just a little but scared about bricking my phone (and my pants) if anything were to go wrong.  So in the future I will know to avoid Network branded phones unless I invest in some more patience which I just don’t have.

Enjoy the day, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)


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A scary Android moment   Leave a comment

Hello no-one

Well I had real squeaky bum moment tonight when I decided to Root my phone and then to install a Custom Rom or possibly just a RUU of 2.2.  It took a few attmepts to Root the phone but done and Clockwork Mod installed in the Bootloader with little or no scary events.

I then installed Rom Manager and thought it would be a really good idea to do a backup of my Rom before I install anything else.  So I set it going and all looked good and it told me that my Backup had completed, all hunky dory.

My phone rebooted and then started to loop on the HTC flash screen, this is the point where my cheeks started to pinch.
I tried removing battery and rebooting and same thing.
I tried removing battery and removed the memory card and rebooted, same again.
At this point my heart was beating in my chest and the pinching had reached dramatic levels.

So how about restoring the image I had just taken?  I did it and as mad as it seems it worked and my phone booted correctly and seems to be booting fine now.

So for now I am leaving the phone alone now as I really do not want to go through that again tonight, but hey maybe tomorrow I will feel better about it and have another go.

So that’s all for my ongoing adventure for today, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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My Android Adventure, an intro   3 comments

Hello no-one

I thought I needed to write down what I thought about my new toy.  The whole iphone thing passed me by and I couldn’t understand the whole fuss about it, then Google announced the Android project and that got my interest.

So after waiting for my current contract to run out I was open to select a new phone and after looking I decided on the HTC Desire.  Sure it has its faults (battery life/small internal memory) but nothing I figured I couldn’t work around.

Well I have now had it for about a month and I am constantly installing, trying new apps and uninstalling them.  I thought this would be a good way for me to keep track of what I have tried and what I find to be any good.  I also thought that maybe someone else out there, who is new to Android, would find this useful.

So here is a list of what I currently use as opposed to what I have installed.  So from the top :-

3g Watchdog – Useful for keeping track of monthly data allowancem, I am too cheap to go over it.
Acast – Good free Podcast software, recently regreshed UI really improved this.
Angry Birds – Wish I never installed it, can’t keep my son off it.
Apps Organiser – Great for putting folders of shortcuts right on my home screen.  I am too lazy to go browsing
c:geo – Nice free Geocache software, really shows my sad and geeky side.
Juiceplotter – Good for estimating battery life remaining, it shows that I should put it down and stop playing.
Newsrob – Very good newsreader for RSS links.
my6sense – Even better Newsreader and slowly replacing Newsrob for me, it rates what you read and displays what it thinmks you would like.  Seems pretty good.
Substrate – Current live wallpaper (becasue they aren’t too battery hungry and they make the phone look cool)
Asteroid Belt Free – Another free wallpaper with floaty space stuff in it.
Tasker – My only bought app – find this very good for automating functions for when I am at work or if I am sleeping.
Jorte – Replaced my standard Sense calendar with this as the calendar widget displays what I have on that day as opposed to just a reminder that something is there.

I will try to write further articles, maybe comment on Android news stories and maybe at some point I might even try to write App reviews.  I will be writing to slag off 3uk if I don’t get Froyo at the end of this month, they only have a few days left to get it out.

So until next time, ciao and peace out.

Steve (writing from My Android Adventure)

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